Her Pale Passions by poinko!

The end of this unofficial Rose Week! See you next week!

Will Arrowsmith on the cover looks nothing like how I picture him. He looks way too fucking confident and scruffy and handsome.

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I love it when shows do weird stylistic stuff with their theme songs and/or openings and stuff. Like those anime episodes with no opening or whatever.

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My interest in Classic Who just falls so quickly. I watched The RIbos Operation awhile back in one sitting and loved it but I started The Pirate Planet and I haven’t picked it back up for like 4 weeks.

Okay I think I’m going back to Scandal but the Steins;Gate movie is something I’m looking into and I wanna watch other stuff! I don’t know what yet, maybe something that’s not emotionally draining.

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Anonymous asked: Harry Potter is a BRITISH story. Everyone is one. Maybe except Lee Jordan, but he's played by a black actor as well. If Harry or/and James were black (ridiculous btw) then the actors playing them would've been black. .____.


You’re right, anon, I forgot Britain has been composed of entirely white people since the dawn of time and that there have never been any immigrants ever. Someone ought to tell the roughly 8 million ethnic minorities to find a new place to live. 

And it’s not as if media has a history of favouring the use of white actors over POC (like Benedict Cumberbatch playing a character named Khan) so there is no possible way that they could have ever cast a non-white character as white. 

And true, Lee Jordan is a British person. Unlike Dean Thomas, Cho Chang, Angelina Johnson, Padma Patil, Parvarti Patil, Rolf Scamander and Kingsley Shacklebolt who are space wizards swearing allegiance to no country. 

Don’t pay. There are ads.

Yeah and I wish there’s a version of hulu where one could pay for no ads, but hulu is made by broadcasting companies who want online viewing to be a pain in the ass. :|

Akise from Mirai Nikki is literally the first queer character I had ever seen in a piece of media. Like, ever. It’s what made me realize that was like a thing that didn’t just exist in real life but that fictional characters could be gay too. Which is odd considering he’s literally the same character as Kaworu in Eva. The only real difference is their personality and their interactions with the plot but his story and character design is so much exactly like Kaworu.

I haven’t seen the Mirai Nikki anime but I did read the manga and I still rewatch the first opening a lot despite not ever actually seeing the anime because it’s such a good opening.

God I fucking hate hulu I’ll literally pay double the price of Hulu plus if there’s no ads.

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The Fault in Our Stars was the Final Jeopardy today and it makes more sense as a Final Jeopardy had the movie not came out a month ago and had the tournament not been taped in March.


I asked Benedict Cumberbatch a question this week. As a door prize, I got a penguin-shaped flash drive, and here is what was on it. 

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It’s a little bit unbelievable that I’ve actually made it this far. Thanks to everyone for everything!

Persuasion was pretty good. It reminds me of Black and White a lot; it takes place in different places and has the characters splitting up and facing different enemies and they’re both Seventh Doctor stories. They’re both a bit unfocused, but I enjoyed them a lot. 

I like Will Arrowsmith. He’s completely unlike what a companion of the Seventh Doctor should be, which makes him super interesting, honestly. He’s also kinda funny, especially when he’s interacting with 7.